Experimental programs to build some treemaps from graphs

Here is the zipfile containing the treemap programs I mentioned earlier.
And these are zipped set of screenshots produced by these programs : « typic » screenshots, smoothed « typic » screenshots, the « try » graph screenshots, the smoothed « try » graph screenshots. Each set of screenshots corresponds to a specific graph. The « typic » graph is made with 8 nodes grouped in two tightly linked subsets (A-B-C-D and E-F-G-H). The « smoothed typic » graph is the typic graph once the weights of the arcs have been smoothed by a specific smoothing algorithm (ask if you want to know more). The « try » graph is another simple graph with nodes representing some concepts related to me (« family », « video », …) and linked one with another according to their analogy. And the « smoothed try » graph is… guess what.

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