Mobile health applications for Africa

My friends at Pesinet are building a mobile health technology and system which will save the life of thousands of babies in poor countries such as Mali, in Africa. It happens that I identified several similar solutions and I want to share these pointers with them (and with you !).

The open mobile consortium (OMC) is definitely an organization Pesinet should get to know in details and consider joining. RapidSMS is a mobile, SMS-based, data collection solution promoted by the OMC.Rapid Android is a mobile, Android-based system also by the OMC. The Open Data Kit is another OMC solution for mobile data collection and exploitation. Mesh4X, yet another OMC solution, for information sharing. CommCare aims at supporting mobile health workers. The OMC does not only provide technology but also access to expertise and insights from other social innovators.

LittleFish is another open source initiative which aims (aimed until 2002 ?) at providing  technologies for mobile health workiers. Why do they seem to have stopped ? Maybe there are some interesting lessons to learn from their experience for Pesinet ?

The Grameen Foundation runs an « AppLab » program which aims at creating applications and technologies for social development. One of their project builds technology for community health workers in Ghana (also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Do you know any other similar initiatives ?