You’ll probably notice that I have bought a domain name: akasig.org I hope the transition to be as smooth as possible (you should not notice any serious difference except maybe in your RSS readers depending on how they manage web adresses). In case you encounter some surprise due to the move, please drop me an email at sig at akasig dot org. The main reason behind that move that I am not sure I will stay with the same hosting provider any longer. Therefore I needed to become independent from its domain name. Levillage.org had some good records as a honest, low cost and responsive provider but the initial company has crashed, its services have been acquired by a new company and it seems to be that the old customers have been somewhat left aside from long term maintenance (the levillage.org hosting system has not been fully integrated with the system of the new company). We’ll see. That and the fact that I was offered a domain name for Christmas. :-)