Proprietary vs. Open Source, what’s the main difference ?

Is open source software more secure ? Maybe not. Is it less expensive ? Maybe not. Is it more robust ? Maybe not. Is it less industrial-grade ? Certainly not. So what must be the main difference between open source software opposed proprietary software ? Maybe it is just that open source software is more resilient.
When proprietary, a product that is known to be superior to its competitors in terms of features both for the end-user and the IT people may eventually fail to get into mainstream. Such products as MacOS, BeOS, NeXTstep, Smalltalk are said to fall into this category (these examples must not be that relevent, please correct me). They eventually failed to get into mainstream because they are deeply dependent on the success of their author or vendor. It seems to me that open source software, on the contrary, is somewhat independent from its author success. The open source organizational model guarantees such as independence and provides OSS with high resilience.
What do you think ?