How to aggregate news from wiki sites

Wiki engines often provide RecentChanges pages that list the wiki pages that were recently modified on a given site. These wiki engines progressively include a syndication feature that publish a RSS feed reflecting this RecentChanges content. But they may not implement syndication properly. Therefore, in a discussion about the ZWiki engine syndication feature, I posted the following enhancement request :

This is an enhancement suggestion for the RSS feeds above (I don’t
feel confident enough in my Zope/Zwiki skills to implement it right
now, and I am a little bit to lazy to do it…). My suggestion is
that, in these feeds, the URL of an RSS item should not be the URL of
the wiki page but the URL of the last historical revision of this
Example : when the page MyPage has been modified, the RSS file should
not link to but to
Explanation : The current RSS feeds (see above) link to MyPage. Let’s
say that 5 users change MyPage in the morning of a given day. The
problem is that my RSS aggregator will check the RSS feed, let’s say,
once a day at noon. Then, my RSS aggregator will link to MyPage and
may provide a link to the latest diff of MyPage. It is OK. But, during
the afternoon, 5 additional users come and further change MyPage.
Then, when my RSS aggregator checks the RSS feed again (the day
after), it will not notice that further changes have happened to
MyPage ! The current RSS feed does not allow the aggregator to detect
that new changes have happened because the current RSS feed is not
using the proper resource. The current resource used is the page
itself whereas the paradigm of syndication/aggregation suggests that
the proper elementary resource is the message (the revision or the
diff itself). Or the users of aggregators may not be notified of
recent changes of the wiki resources. And wiki pages will only appear
in a given aggregator once during their whole life. Further changes
may be ignored by the aggregator (because it may say : « I already have
aggregated this URL before ») which is not a good thing and which is
not the fault of the aggregator !
What do you think ?

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