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This is a test related to my post on WordPress support forum (see below). You can ignore this message or read the comments in order to follow the results of this test.

Ampersands escaped in URLs within comments

On my blog ( equipped with WordPress 0.72, when someone posts a comment containing an HTML link with an URL containing an ampersand, this URL gets mangled… Some characters (like the &) seem to be systematically escaped. IMO, this is a bug (not a feature). The escaping function should not escape ampersands in URL when the URL is a value of a tag attribute. What do you think ? Did I miss something ? Is there currently a workaroung ?

— Sig

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  1. Sig

    Wow, I must have not been fully awaked when I read Vincent comments ! Indeed, he did not say the ampersand characters were not properly handled. He rather noticed that the « I D = » substring of the URL he linked to unproperly disappeared (I had to add spaces between I D and = in order to make it appear here)! WordPress is nice with ampersands but definitely not with « I D =  » in URLs. Wow, it appears that WordPress even suppresses « I D = » when it not within an URL.

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