Zope and Plone learning roadmap

It is sometimes said that the art of mastering Zope and Plone is difficult. It has also been said that learning Zope Zen involves a steep learning curve. I have also read many newbies (like me) asking for information about the first steps to go through in order to smoothly get into Zope development. « Don’t start learning Zope before you know Python ! », « No need for mastering in TAL, TALES and METAL for building Plone user interfaces, you’d rather learn advanced CSS techniques », or the like… So I wonder : what is the recommended roadmap for learning Zope and Plone ? how to make the global learning curve smoother or just a little bit more visible and manageable ? So the diagram below is my guess on the ideal learning roadmap for a would-be master in Zope+Plone :
The ideal roadmap for learning Zope and Plone.

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  2. Graham Perrin

    I would be *very* pleased to see an updated version of your graphic.

    The *imagery* of learning Plone, and the things that are related, are of great interest to me.

    Kind regards
    Graham Perrin

  3. Sig Auteur de l’article

    Hey Graham,

    I would be *quite* pleased to have such an updated version available and I would share it with you. :)

    Unfortunately, I did it using Powerpoint a long time ago. Since then, I am afraid that, as you know well, Plone and Zope have gained much complexity. Such an updated roadmap would be even more valuable I guess. And it would be great to find such a thing in the documentation section of plone.org.

    Sorry, I won’t have time to update it anytime soon. And the more I learn Plone the more I see I have more to learn…

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